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Waffle Hut

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Length: 7,6 km
Height difference: 210 meters


Still, a pretty nice morning despite the forecast for bad weather. The sun shone through the low clouds and it was significantly warmer than yesterday. Today, I’ve seen the first signs of life from the cabin neighbor. A person moving around in the cabin. Otherwise, I’ve only seen the blackout curtain in the bedroom being up or down. So, it felt safe to see an actual person. The red squirrels have been crossing the terrace since early. Wonder what they are really doing? It doesn’t look like they are carrying food or anything, but they just run back and forth? If I had the door open I could here their paws against the wooden planks.

The lake Lofssjön.

Today, I planned on staying in and around Lofsdalen.


On the other side of the lake Lofssjön is Västvallen and that was where I was heading. I arrived at 10 o’clock and there were quite a few cars there already. Many cars with bike racks on. There are many hiking and MTB trails in Västvallen. At the information board, a sign was posted that the Waffle Hut was open today. The Waffle Hut is a popular place during both winter and summer. But during the summer time you need to check thoroughly if they are open or not, each and every day. Most easily done via social media and a lot is decided by the weather expectations. Today, they would be open between 11 am and 3 pm. If you want to hike the shortest way up to the Waffle Hut, you should “follow the old Rombo Trail” according to all maps. But there is no sign of Rombo Trail to be seen. In the beginning, there was only one trail to follow before the trail split up in different directions. But the signage was inadequate. I almost missed to turn off to the right and follow the trail towards the summits Sömlingshågna and Stenrutsstugan.


Here, it would have made it easier for a nonresident if there had also been a sign towards Waffle Hut, because the “Old Rombo Trail” was not signed at all. No, this can be done better – get it together! The trail was partially extremely rocky with roots sticking up.


You passed swamps, rippling streams and dense conifers. I walked for a long time without seeing anyone. But after some time, I heard a few people catching up with me. I stepped aside from the trail and let them pass. They were faster than me and felt like they were running up the mountain. I moved on in my pace and after 3 kilometers came the very first sign pointing out the Waffle Hut! So now was the time?!


Now, it leveled off with spanned swamp areas and heathlands that had amazing view and even more so as the conifers were sparse out. About 300 meters from the hut, you could hear a faint humming from the diesel generator that produced electricity for the Waffle Hut.


Once you arrived at the Waffle Hut at 820 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.), at summit of Mossaruten, the views of the mountains Hovärken and Digervålen were hard to take in. I tried to find my rental cabin between the spruces on the other side, but gave up pretty soon. In total, it took about 2 hours and there are dry toilets at your convenience.


Not many souls up here. The couple that passed me half-running was seated at one table, eating. Then there was another couple of MTB-bikers that arrived at the same time as me. I ordered a Double Waffle with Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream for the, not so comfortable, price of 140 SEK.


But it was great having a newly baked waffle after all hiking and the service was excellent. He brought the waffles outside to my table where I was seated. It was warm up here, +19 °C. The guy said that it was unusual with those warm temperatures up here. But of course. That’s because I’m here! I could easily have eaten two more waffles. But for that price, well… When I had finished, the guy came out and picked up the tray. Very nice. I sat there resting for a while until loads people started to arrive. Adults, children, dogs and more MTB-bikers. I packed my things and started the descent. The further I got, the more people I met. Phew! Again, lucky that I was early so I didn’t have to be seated at the Waffle Hut in the horde of people and dogs.

View of Västvallen with the Waffle Hut, just to the right of the two spruces.

I got back to my cabin and had a shower, made some food. The cabin neighbor now had put out some flowers in his terrace, maybe not that very smart since the wind increased more and more and the forecast said rain. I treated myself with a nap. The plan was one hour, but turned into a full 2,5-hour nap instead. But then it was well needed too. Now the cabin neighbor sat out on the terrace with a big cold beer in his hand. It must have been very cold in the wind. The flowers had been taken in due to the rain.

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