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Lofsdalen Sky Bar and Hovärken 1125 m.a.s.l.

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Length: 4,6 km
Height difference: 280 meters

Packed down the last things in my bags and set up the girls’ transportation cage. They had suspected all morning that something was up since mum had been running around like a giddy hen. Parked the car right outside my door so I could pack all the luggage more easily. I was a little nervous that everything wouldn’t fit, as I always tend to pack a little too much. But it is surprisingly how much can fit in a Renault Captur, when you fold the back seat. Started driving a little later than planned. But no worry. The key to the cabin could be collected from an arrival box outside Destination Lofsdalen from 4 pm according to the email I received yesterday.

Had to drive a little more than 1 hour along European Route E4 before turning off at Tönnebro and continue along Highway 83. Norrlandsporten was passed, a valley between Kölberget and Digerberget, just south of Kilafors.



Here, already, you got a taste of what was to come. Highway 83 is, along with County Road 272, a part of “Road of Times”. It is the distance between Uppsala and Ånge, namely 480 kilometers, along a narrower and more winding road than the European Rout E4. Another experience than the stress along E4. But both in turns of time and distance, you benefit from taking the European Route E4 and then a shorter distance along the “Road of Times”, than driving the entire way of “Road of Times”.



Turned off onto County Road 84 to finally get on Lofsdalsvägen towards the village of Lofsdalen. Here, the terrain really started to get rugged, small mountains towered up and finally mountain massifs with summits. Cozy factor was definitely starting to set in even though I wasn’t quite there yet. It felt like an eternity but suddenly I was there. A fatigue body, after having “bench-pressed” 443 kilometers without stopping, it was really nice getting out of the car and breath in crystal clear mountain air. As agreed, my key to the cabin was in a letter in one of the arrival boxes outside Destination Lofsdalen. It was pretty close to 4 pm and I had a look around. Around the parking lot was the village’s only grocery store, a sport goods store and one of all the restaurants in Lofsdalen. Also, a small gas pump. It was no more than that. Cabins could be seen all around and the lake Lofssjön could be seen a little further away. But now I was more inclined to reach the cabin to unpack and let the girls out of their small transportation cage. Started driving up the Hovärken Cabin Area and looked for the road where the cabin would be. It was quite steep uphill and I throttled a little extra so the car would be able to get up.


But suddenly behind a curve, were the first reindeer I saw. One came trotting downhill towards me on the other side of the road and the other one was calmly grazing in the ditch. Stopped and took my cell phone, now time for photos! Then continued uphill to the road for my cabin and turned onto a narrow bumpy graveled road. You couldn’t drive fast, but it didn’t matter because I had basically arrived.

And very truly was the grey cabin at the end of the road, with the white corners and its steep tin gable roof. Magical view.


It had to be one of the best views in all of Lofsdalen. Because the sun had shined all day, the cabin was warm. But that was aired out quickly. Brought in all the bags and boxes, bedding and hay. Made up the temporary cage for the girls. They were extremely tired (understandably) and went straight into their small wooden hutches and slept. I started to unpack some stuff and clothes.


Suddenly saw a cute red squirrel in the spruce just outside the terrace. Of course, the system camera was put into action.

Brought out some hiking clothes and packed the backpack in order to maybe have time to hike a trail. Started going up towards Hovärken Trail Center, from where several trails start. The original plan was to walk the Panoramic Route, which is supposed to be easily accessed and nice to walk. But I also noticed that the summit hike to the mountain Hovärken started here as well. So, after a quick debate with myself, Hovärken it is!

You can spot the cell phone tower on top of Hovärken 1125 masl, to the right is Lofsdalen Sky Bar.


Walked on along the rocky trail and could glimpse MTB bikers that whizzed past in the arctic downy birch forest around me. If it is something Lofsdalen is known for – during summer – is its downhill tracks and MTB trails. Partially steep, but manageable. When I reached the tree line, the wind picked up and the terrain steeper. But my grit told me to continue. This was just the beginning of what would come this week, so I couldn’t back down now!


First stop was Lofsdalen Sky Bar (which was closed) but provided much needed shelter from the wind while I ate some of my packed food.

Highest point of Hovärken, 1125 masl.


From here, it wasn’t far left up to the summit at 1125 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.). One of the ski lifts were here and a cell phone tower somewhat ruined the view. But it was probably the mountains of Digervålen, Digerhågna and Sonfjället that I could glimpse from here on one side, on the other side of lake Lofssjön I could see Västvallen with summits Svanhågna and Sömlingshågna. It went pretty fast to get down.


Well down in the arctic downy birch forest again the silence became obvious. Wonderful! Up at the summit it was really windy, but now the contrast became apparent. All MTB bikers had probably retreated to their cabins because it was completely quiet now.

Late shower and food. It would rain tonight and tomorrow morning, so I could easily take a sleep-in tomorrow.

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